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GIFT Chaplaincy Team

School GIFT Chaplaincy Team 2021-2022

Father Kieren and Miss Molloy interviewed and appointed 13, new Year 5 GIFT Chaplaincy Team members on 14th October 2020. They will continue their roles as they transition into Year 6. They will be joined with a new team of Year 5 pupils, who will apply for their roles at the start of the 2021-2022 term. The team are lead by Mrs Hollins and Mrs Ramsbottom.


Father Kieren annually explains how important it is for each of them in their GIFT Chaplaincy role to tell all in the community that they are wonderfully made by God. Everyone is wonderful, just as God's works are wonderful. 


The GIFT Chaplaincy Team have many plans for the Autumn Term. Children will help lead celebrations for Our Lady's Birthday on 8th September and look at gifts they can give Mary to improve our world and support the vulnerable and isolated, as well as looking after 'Our Common Home'.  Now restrictions are lifted, children are excited to visit people in the community, listening to their stories and sharing laughter.  


They are implementing the Chaplaincy Development Plan 2021-2022. Hopefully, our weekly coffee morning will be able to be held again, each alternate Tuesday, after 9.30am Mass for parishioners in the forthcoming months.


The team will work closely with the Parish Sacramental Team supporting families during this very important year. The GIFT Pupil Chaplaincy Team will help the Year 3 children during their Sacramental Journey. They will use their own experiences to teach the class about their Faith.



OLOR GIFT Chaplaincy Team Development Plan 2021-2022